2013 Education Grants

Program AreaOrganizationProjectAmount Paid
Colleges & UniversitiesSouthwestern UniversityConstruction of New Science Center1,000,000
University of Houston SystemCapital Campaign2,000,000
The University of Texas at AustinUT Center for Students in Recovery50,000
Total Colleges & Universities3,050,000
Elementary & Secondary SchoolsThe Gateway Academy, Inc.Capital Campaign25,000
The Kinkaid SchoolAnnual Giving Grant50,000
The Post Oak SchoolToward The $6 Million Capital Campaining75,000
St. John’s SchoolCapital Campaign For the New Campus Center and Great Hall Project250,000
Total Elementary & Secondary Schools400,000
GeneralHouston Center for LiteracyTexas Family Literacy AmeriCorps Initiative30,000
W. Oscar Neuhaus Memorial FoundationAnnual Giving Grant50,000
Total General80,000
Total Educational Institutions3,530,000